Who are we?
Cadenza Contemporary Orchestra, which operates under the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts (ADMIU), has set itself the goal of serving Azerbaijani music and society in two directions. The first direction is musical education. The orchestra plans to regularly organize explanatory concerts for different audiences in the cities and regions of our country, play works written in all periods of music history (Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism, Modernism and Post-modernism), and establish interactive contacts with the audience. It also includes events organized in all educational institutions of Azerbaijan and according to all levels of education. The second direction is to keep alive the tradition of modern music performance and establishing contacts with contemporary world music in Azerbaijan. The importance of this is closely related to the opportunities that the orchestra activity will open for the enrichment of Azerbaijani musicians' world view, increase of general musical literacy, music written under the influence and style of various and the newest aesthetic trends in the world, and familiarization with the performance principles of modern music. In addition to acting as a music laboratory for Azerbaijani composers, Cadenza is also engaged in the creation of creative relations with famous international contemporary music festivals and centers, and in this way, in the promotion of our newest professional music.